A brainwashed bunch
The false sense of happiness

Society doesn’t even piss me off anymore

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Though I ignore most rules, pressures and norms which are present in the society I don’t hate the society. Society doesn’t even piss me off anymore. Why?


A/ it is what it is and expecting it to be something it’s not (or, in other words, feeling entitled to be a part of a society which would fit my ideal) is ridiculous and will only cause unnecessary suffering on my part (because the chance of attaining such ideal is zero),

B/ I realized we’re all brainwashed, or I brainwashed myself into believing that we are (which is basically the same); so I’m no longer bothered by the fact that people are brainwashed,

C/ I realized that I shouldn’t expect others to embrace me (my “weirdness” or even madness) if I can’t embrace them (something I could view as their “weirdness” or even madness), I can’t expect people to let me be the way I am (the way I choose to be) if I don’t let them be the way they are, if I’m constantly trying to prove someone wrong or change someone by force (they are not aware, they mindlessly follow the flock? that should be fine with me).

Society has its dumb rules and pressures. Can I change it? No I can’t. Fighting the way society works is like fighting the weather, or forces of nature. There are things we (most of us) like about the weather, nature, but there are things we wish wouldn’t be there — like violent storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, avalanches, earthquakes, landslides, which kill people and destroy everything. But we have to live with these things because they’re part of the whole (we can’t stop them from happening). And we can either be mad at what they do to our order (and bitch about it), or we can accept that.