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“The best age to change careers doesn’t exist” is the best assumption

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Many people believe that there is the right (or the best) age to change careers. They are the same people who believe that after a certain age it’s not possible to change careers, that it’s too risky, or not worth it.

That’s what they’ve been told by experienced well-meaning adults who want only the best for them.

What if they’re wrong, these experienced well-meaning adults? Can’t they be wrong?

Clearly they soaked it up somewhere. Probably most people whom they grew up among (most people in this culture) believe the same. They all believe that there is the time when people should have it all sorted out (have the answer to the question What do you want to be when you grow up?) — they believe people in their late teenage years or early 20s should know it. They all believe that there is a time window in which it still makes sense to change careers (make up your mind) — they believe it should happen not later than in one’s mid 20s. They all believe that after certain age it’s dumb / unreasonable to change your career (because, they also believe, that at a certain age one should have accomplished this or that, have an established career, have a certain position or status).

Really?! Says who? What if I’ll choose to ignore this nonsense and change career regardless of what the opinion or recommendation of the brainwashed majority is? What terrible things will happen (other than that I will break some bullshit rule / or question some common belief, which keep people in line)?