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The false sense of happiness

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If you want to give your parents the false sense of happiness (I would call it that) which comes not from knowing that you (their beloved child) are happy with what you do (pursue something which you enjoy, even if it means that you struggle financially and there is greater uncertainty involved in it), but from knowing that you did something they believed will be best for you and which they recommended to you (from feeling that you took their advice, from being able to brag, from having greater peace of mind — due to lesser uncertainty), then do what they told you.

If you want to try to make yourself happy (and not necessarily give your parents this false sense of happiness) do what you want, not what they want.

What, in the long run, can be better for a parent than knowing that his or her child is happy with what he or she does (pursues something which he or she enjoys)? I would say that nothing can trump that. Certainly not the awareness (nearer the end of your life) that your beloved child did something not because he or she really wanted it for himself or herself (no matter how uncertain or stupid of a move it was according to you, the parent), but because he or she was raised in a culture which instills in children this belief (this nonsense) that they shouldn’t do things of which their parents don’t approve (also as adults), because by doing it they will disappoint these people, and they shouldn’t disappoint them (they should always do only things which will not disappoint them).