What’s the difference between a passion and a hobby?
Passion is high risk. But it’s a guarantee too.


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One of the reasons people ridicule or discourage people they know well (or whom they think they know well because they’re family or something), or laugh off their ideas, is that they have a particular image of this person in their heads and this new idea doesn’t sit well with the image which already sits in their heads.

Something isn’t right here. The new disturbs the order. It’s off-the-wall, unthinkable.

Tom is a corporate lawyer in a big law firm.
Sandra is a known actress.
Anna is an English teacher.

What if we’d try this instead:
Tom is Tom (a human being).
Sandra is Sandra (a human being).
Anna is Anna (a human being).

With the latter approach nothing is unthinkable, no idea is off-the-wall.