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What’s the difference between a passion and a hobby?

What is a hobby? Do all people need to have a hobby?

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I don’t like that word very much. ‘Hobby’ is something people do because they like it, but also because they don’t believe it can become something more — their main occupation in life (or that it can lead to something like that).

Most people with hobbies keep the careers they hate or not necessarily like because they need to keep up with the Joneses (be somebody in the eyes of other people — have some established career with a “steady” income and middle class lifestyle) and because they cannot not have those careers they can only have hobbies.

Not all people need (should have) a hobby. Usually I hear the sentiment that we all should have some hobby. That hobby is good for people. Maybe that’s true for those who believe that work (their main occupation in life) is something which, as a rule, is not supposed to be enjoyable. That you can end up having some career / job you’ll enjoy, but only if you’re really lucky, and that most people need to accept the sad truth that normally work is not something you enjoy. Yes, hobbies for those people are really essential. A hobby helps them cope with the sad reality of the world.

Do I think hobby could lead to something more? Why not. I think it’s possible. A passion can develop out of a hobby. But if your mindset is that it is just a hobby (and it will always need to stay this way), because you believe that you absolutely need to have your fancy bullshit career (to impress others — because you’ve bought into this, in my opinion, very dumb idea that a success of a human being can only be measured by looking at what he or she can afford to buy, or what job title he or she has) then it will always be only your hobby. And most people who have hobbies and who believe that we all should have our hobbies (to offset the reality of our daily lives) have the mindset which will guarantee that a hobby will always be only a hobby.