What is a hobby? Do all people need to have a hobby?

What’s the difference between a passion and a hobby?

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For me it’s simple.

If it’s your hobby, it’s not your passion. If it’s your passion, it’s not your hobby.

Passion is something you cannot not do. You do it each day. You need it like breathing.

Hobby is something you do on weekends and you are ok with the fact that it’s only on weekends, you can live without it Monday through Friday. You make some plans that you will meet on weekend with other people who like the same thing and you do it together. You play bridge or darts, you hunt, knit, snorkel, fish, etc.

With passion you don’t need to plan this activity because you’ll do it each day anyway (or almost each day — some days you can’t do it, because you have a terrible headache for example).

Thats the difference. I see it this way.