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Diary of an artist, Monday, July 8, 2019

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Yesterday I wrote that everything inspires me. When I watch a movie or a movie series, or read an article or a book I don’t like, when I have a heated discussion with someone who has a completely opposite view on certain things or a completely different life philosophy, I am inspired by those things.

If not everything inspires me, at least everything can inspire me. Each point of view, each belief, each opinion, each life philosophy. Everything that people say, do and believe can inspire. Not only me, anyone.

It’s just a matter of how I treat those things. Do I believe everything I say, do and believe is legit (the only right thing, the only truth) and everything that is different than that isn’t (not the right thing, a lie), and there shouldn’t even be a discussion about these things (because I am obviously in the right and the other person is obviously in the wrong), or am I tolerant, respectful of different point of views, beliefs and philosophies and am I willing to at least take a closer look at them (am I willing to understand why certain people do what they do, and believe what they believe), am I willing to assume I’m not in the right (despite the fact that I espoused a certain belief, religion, life philosophy) and that the other person is not necessarily in the wrong (just because he or she isn’t doing all the things I am doing in my life, and doesn’t have the same beliefs, religion and life philosophy I do).

Bad writing can inspire me just as good writing can. Bad art can inspire me just as good art can. Of course it’s how I see these things. Things are not the way I view them, simply because I decided to view them that way (or because I view them a certain way without thinking — I didn’t decide, I merely mimicked others; I was influenced by the most common view / opinion in my culture — I accepted that view as my own without having even thought about it, which, in my experience, is very common among people).

Is there bad art at all? I would say that art is never good or bad. It just is. Nobody can tell a person what the right way to make art should be. It would be ridiculous. To me it would cancel out that it is art.

Anything which is done according to someone’s guideline is not art. I’m not saying all instruction is pointless and people should never learn from other people or try to mimic what they’re doing (or did) — if I use a certain technique for my paintings and this technique isn’t something I came up with, it doesn’t mean that everything I will make using this technique will not deserve to be called art. Sure, if I want to use a certain technique (take advantage of something people who came before me came up with) then why shouldn’t I? It would be nonsense to need to ignore everything anyone ever did to deserve to be called an artist. It would mean that only people who rebelled against everything (and I mean everything) could be called artists. I’m not sure if something like that would even be possible. What if by rebelling against something that I see in the society I’m also validating something which was present in that society in the past? This would mean that my view is not new. Besides, if we assumed that in order to call something art it has to be new (to be called an artist a person can’t do things the way they’d been done in the past, is not allowed to use techniques which had been already developed and mastered) it would mean that he or she also couldn’t use his or her own technique (techniques) more than once.

I’m saying that artists should be free, not necessarily innovative. Free to tackle any subject they want, view certain things from myriad sides (any side they want), start and quit anything they want, finish or not finish their works or projects, present all ideas (even if they’ll turn out to be flawed or ridiculous), espouse any life philosophy they want, switch between life philosophies, beliefs, religions, have a certain opinion (even if certain people, or most people, don’t like it), not stick to their opinions, doubt and question themselves, but also be, what we would call, overly confident, or even arrogant, be normal whenever they want and be weird whenever they want, make their own choices (even if those choices piss people off — because that’s not how people should behave). I guess freedom is what always differentiates artists from non-artists. Non-artists aren’t free. They’re constantly bound by some rule, convention, tradition, and they assume that they shouldn’t touch that. That certain things are untouchable.

But that’s just my understanding of art. I don’t want to impose it on anyone.

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