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Diary of an artist, Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Woke up 4:30 am.

A few days ago I wanted to find out what TikTok is. I downloaded the app, signed up and started using it. I have watched couple dozen videos from different people (accounts) but am not sure if that’s something which I’d use. I can see the potential and importance for certain people. For me? Not so much I guess. Or maybe this is a premature judgement. Time will tell.

Or maybe it’s because I know I’d need to spend my time on it. And I have this feeling that it will not be the best use of my time. If I were to choose between being on TikTok and writing more or self-publishing more books, or shooting more photos in an additional time each day (which I don’t have right now) I would definitely choose writing more, or self-publishing more books, or shooting more photos.

Why assume that I should be able to figure everything out, be everywhere and kill it there? It’s distressing to think that I should be able to do this or that or else I’m not good enough. Not good enough for this day and age.

Maybe it’s better to think that I don’t need to be and kill it everywhere. And that not being somewhere (on a certain social media platform which is very hot right now and where a lot of people hang out) is not a bad thing.

Of course certain people will always tell people “You need to be on this platform”, “You need to make videos, because people watch more and more videos nowadays”, “You should get an account there and post several times a day, or else you’re irrelevant in this day and age.”, etc.

The thing is that certain people see that a certain behavior, certain activity, was beneficial for a certain person and they tend to tell other people that they too should do it. Or that that’s where the world is going and that there is no choice. Or that those who will not be in those places will become completely irrelevant as human beings.
Thus you need to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Quora, Medium, Snapchat, YouTube, you should start your own podcast, you should do this and that. And each year new platforms and things emerge.

And yet they all forget (the advisors) that there is a price for all this. The price is your time. If you want to be in all those places you’ll either need a team of people who will be doing it (be active in those places) for you, or you’d need another couple of hours each day (probably 4–8, depending on how many places you want to be in, and how active you want to be in each of those places). Or you’d need to sacrifice something in order to be able to post in all those places each day. Probably time with your family or time with yourself, or time with strangers who can become part of your life. Do you really want that? Is it really so essential to your current career? ‘Really’ is the key word, because it’s obvious to most people nowadays that it is essential, so they will never question the necessity of it — they will keep believing that it’s necessary to be in all those places and emulate the giants (the people who have the greatest following, most likes and comments, etc.).

It’s really easy (with all this advice from well-intentioned coaches, or gurus, or mentors, or friends, or family members) to believe that one actually needs this or that. That not having this or that is bad. Not being on this platform or that platform is detrimental to your existence or development as an artist, writer, performer, actor, musician, singer, philosopher, photographer, magician, filmmaker, anime creator, sake brewer, or what have you. That you either decide to be on those new platforms (ideally on all of them), or you’ll be completely irrelevant and you will not succeed as this or that. With such messages coming at you from all corners it’s super easy to believe that that’s true.

Like with everything they tell (told) us. Go to college or you’ll be nobody your entire life. Get good grades or else you will not succeed. Meet with friends — everybody needs to meet with friends. Travel a lot — people who travel a lot have better lives. You should read books — you can’t be enlightened or your life will never improve if you don’t read books. All this bullshit! All this “you should this or that, or else” crap. Fuck!

Audiobooks (since my last diary entry):

Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell (20 min., on YouTube)

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Pavarotti (on a big screen)

Mindhunter Episode #2.2 (on Netflix) Finished it.

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