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Diary of an artist, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Why am I writing this series about social media and relevance as a human being in the 21st century?

Because certain people who are very successful on those platforms (or who make it look like they are very successful there) tell people how important it is in today’s world to be on social media and post there several, if not a dozen, or even several dozen times a day. Being on social media (having an account even on several platforms) and not posting anything or posting something once or twice a month or even once or twice every two or three months almost equals not having a social media presence. If it’s so rare it makes very little sense. But of course, people can totally approach social media that way. And it will probably not cause any damage to them and their career.

I don’t like the idea (theory) that not having social media presence in the 21st century (or not using social media properly) causes one to be irrelevant as a human being in the 21st century. As I said, you are still relevant if you have no social media presence in the 21st century (if you decide not to have such presence). Whether or not you have a career, are a business person, or an artist, or a writer, etc.

I mean saying that someone absolutely needs social media presence in the 21st century is like saying that one absolutely needs good grades and college degree in today’s world, or else that person will be a nobody in this world. It’ll have the same effect on certain people. It’ll affect their outcomes in the most significant way possible. Certain people will buy into those theories and actually believe that without social media they’re irrelevant in this world. Just like generation after generation believed that a person without a college degree can’t be successful in this world. Which means that only those who will not buy into such theories (who will not listen to such messages) will keep doing their shit and will be just fine.

What if someone doesn’t want to chase the conventional success? What if there are people in this world to whom the conventional idea of success in life (the idea of having / needing to chase the success symbols pertaining to a certain era and being able to show them to others) is just bullshit? What if they don’t want this shit?

Does it mean they’re miserable (failures)? Of course, those who had bought into such theories (who listen to such messages and nod their heads in agreement) will always consider those who don’t chase the conventional success as losers. But does that (the mere fact that someone else sees you as a loser) make you one? Of course not! There will always be people in any society (usually the majority) who will want to categorize people as losers and winners. And if you don’t have or do what those who are considered as successful human beings in this world (by this majority) have or do, then you bet you will end up in the category of losers. Your opinion is irrelevant. I mean it certainly matters to you, but it will never convince those who had bought into the conventional idea of success in life.

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