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Diary of an artist, Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

Woke up 4:50 am.

Took two fantastic photos yesterday. I believe that believing in yourself, being proud of your work, honestly complimenting yourself on your work (doing it if you really like the work) is very important for one’s development as this or that. Stan Lee did that — he was often proud of his creations regardless what other people thought about them. He was, in his exact words, his own biggest fan.

If you believe that you can’t (shouldn’t) compliment yourself on your work, that only other people can do it (because, I don’t know, they are competent to do that and you aren’t, that only other people’s opinions matter and yours as the creator don’t — what kind of bullshit mindset is this anyway?), then you will inevitably end up caring only what other people think about your work. How they receive your work. You will be catering to their tastes and expectations.

If they’re the only people who can tell you which of your work is good and which of it is crap, then you’re lost (wasted) as an artist, I guess. You’ve lost what is essential to being an artist — your freedom. You’re a mere pawn in someone else’s hand. They can move you freely on the chessboard. You can’t move freely.

I think that if you rely on someone else’s opinion about your work (and at the same time you believe that your opinion is irrelevant) then you’ll be devastated by their negative opinion or comments. If, on the other hand, you rely on your own opinion about your work (you believe that your opinion is the only thing that matters — because you will not be able to please everyone anyway) then it can happen that from time to time you’ll be disappointed with your work or you will conclude that you need to practice more or learn or hone some skill, but you will never be devastated by other people’s negative opinion or comments about your work.

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