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Diary of an artist, Friday, August 16, 2019

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Never thought I would do such things. DIY repairs of electronics. Of Apple devices! As a matter of fact not so long ago I dreaded opening anything with the Apple logo on it. Anything Apple, because of their design, always seemed to me like the kind of thing I would never open and look inside. Let alone perform DIY repairs on their devices. But I did. I did it twice — the first time on my MacBook Air (I replaced the touchpad myself and it works perfectly) and yesterday I repaired my iPhone 5S which had blue screen problem (would turn off, then turn on by itself, or the whole screen would turn dark blue and the thing would be completely unresponsive).

My current financial situation is the reason why I decided to try those DIY repairs. It forced me to try it. The thought of needing to spend two- or even threefold the amount I assumed I would spent on a DIY repair (DIY repairs are not free repairs — you need to buy tools or spare parts, etc.) was enough to dissuade me from hiring Apple or a certified Apple service center, or even some firm which is a service center but isn’t a certified Apple service center.

It pushed me to do something which I thought was beyond my competence. So clearly it was not beyond my competence. It was within it. I only thought it was beyond it. Because A/ I never tried it before (so it was scary), and B/ it all seemed so complicated and very risky.

“Never tried it before” and “it all seemed” are the key expressions here as we usually fear mainly the things which we never tried before and oftentimes things which seem complicated or very risky are not. Doesn’t mean the fear or the horror or the aversion will always go away after we did something for the first time, just as it doesn’t mean that all the things which seem complicated or very risky as a matter of fact aren’t so (sometimes they are so).

The opposite is often also true — that the things which don’t seem complicated or risky can prove to be so (and we will be able to find it out only if we tried them, or only if we saw how much someone else struggled with a certain thing, or how many expensive tools one must have, or how skilful / experienced one must be to successfully do something). And YouTube is a blessing in this respect — in most cases we can see how something was done, or how it should be done, and what it takes to get it done.

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