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Diary of an artist, Thursday, September 19, 2019

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I have enormous respect for all those Indian people working as UBER Eats drivers. They’re tough people. They will take up any job and they really want to do the job. They’re willing to work.

On the other side of the spectrum are native Polish people (who never had to move to another country to seek better opportunities), most of whom wouldn’t do anything if it was somehow possible. They demand opportunities. They believe that job opportunities should be given to them on a silver platter. By whom? The government. Usually when someone can’t find a job (is unemployed for a long time) the government is responsible. That’s the mindset of those people.

Meanwhile Indian guys ride their motor scooters or bikes with UBER Eats bags on their shoulders day in day out. Somehow for them there is no problem of unemployment. The idea that someone else than themselves could be responsible for the fact that they don’t have a job wouldn’t even cross their minds.

I agree that certain monthly payments to the state (by business owners, especially those who don’t have the ambition to earn millions, but only want to make a living) are insane in this country and there should be some solution (not just for a short time as it was introduced recently, probably because the election is near, but a permanent solution) for those people.

But those who are unemployed usually don’t think about starting their own businesses. Why? Because when you have your own business you have to work all the time, whereas when you work for someone else there is always some way to pretend that you work all the time. You are hired to do the work 8 hours per day, but because it’s not your business (and people usually don’t see how maintaining that business is important also for them), or because it’s some state job and you don’t have to worry if they’ll wrap it all up (you are some clerk in a court of law, or city hall, or revenue office, etc.), you end up working only 5 hours or even less. Not when you are a line worker or a teacher, or bus driver (obviously), but there many positions / jobs where it’s possible (and quite easy) to pretend, on a daily basis, that you work 8 hours, when as a matter of fact you work only 5 or 4. What do you do in those remaining 4 or 3 hours? All sorts of things. You chat with colleagues, you call your mom, or girlfriend or boyfriend, you shop online, you play games, you sleep behind your desk, you go out shopping, you read (books, newspapers, magazines), you think (about the last or next weekend, or your next vacation), you watch YouTube or Netflix, you check Instagram, you post something on Facebook, etc.

Usually native people (not just in this country, in general, I guess — as opposed to an average immigrant worker) want only couple of things. They want a job (and the government should make sure there are jobs for people), they want job stability (they expect / hope that they will not lose their job, because if they will, they will have to solve a problem, and having to think about a solution to a problem is not what they like — they’d rather there would be no problems), they want the certainty that they will be paid for their work, they want to be able to do one thing (they don’t like it when they need to change and learn something else from scratch), and they want to work as little as possible (whenever there is a chance to pretend that they work, or to cheat in order not to work, they will use that chance).

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