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Diary of an artist, Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Woke up 4:45 am.

In addition to the technical problems which I described yesterday, I also ran a flat tire in the rear wheel. I must have damaged the tire yesterday, or it simply wore out due to the heavy wight of the wheel.

The wheel is so heavy I have real problems manoeuvring the bike when I don’t ride it. I suppose the full weight (with me on the bike) is not extreme though. I can imagine the bike should also endure a person much heavier than myself. So if for example someone weighs 95 kilograms and would buy such bike, but without the engine, battery and everything which a bike must have to be an electric bike (it would be just a regular bike), then the difference would be eliminated. I mean the load (weight) which the frame and the rear wheel (especially the rear wheel) would need to sustain would be comparable I guess. I doubt that the rear wheel in this bike weighs more than 20 kilograms. But I can imagine that even a small damage to the tire will very soon lead to such effects when the pressure on the tire is so significant.

So now I have two things which need to be done in that bike. The cables need to be inspected and, I guess, something will need to be done about those cables so that the engine will work properly again, and the tire has to be replaced. I’m wondering how much this will cost.

I noticed the flat tire in the morning when I was just about to take the bike out. A thought ran through my mind that under such circumstances I will do nothing that day. But after that a second thought came and it was that I might try moving the scooters with a regular bike (my wife’s bike — luckily it’s a MTB bike so it isn’t much different from bikes for men and, and that’s way more important, a MTB bike for me is a bike which I can ride with a much greater ease than a city / urban bike, like the Dutch types, and until recently my wife had such urban bike).

After all the day before I already tested both using the engine of the scooter to move us (me on the bike and the scooter) and, alternatively, using my muscle power (pedalling). Both worked just fine.

One must be very careful when using the engine of the scooter for such job, as the engine is in the front wheel and it is very easy to run into troubles or even have an accident, especially when the surface of the road or pavement is wet or slippery. A way stronger grip (of both the scooter and the bike) is a must, otherwise one will not go far.

Did 27 scooters with that regular MTB bike. More than I imagined. This got me thinking about selling this electric bike. If I can do on average 25 scooters per day with a regular bike (and the regular bike was light to me as a feather yesterday compared to my electric bike) then why bother? And I would save PLN 30 per month if I didn’t need to charge it. Not that I would not like to still own an electric bike, and not that I don’t see the benefits of owning one. When you own an electric bike you can on many occasions use it instead of your car so it will save you money, no doubt. But I would prefer an electric bike with which I wouldn’t need to struggle that much (in which the weight would be more evenly spread). I even saw one on the Internet and perhaps will invest in it, provided that I will sell the current one.

This is the bike I want


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