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Diary of an artist, Friday, September 13, 2019

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Woke up 4:45 am.

I might have found the best way to do this new job. Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the morning (8am-11am) doing it, then had a break (4,5 hours) which I spent in Starbucks store, and after it I spent another 3 hours in the afternoon (3:30pm-6:30pm) doing the job.

The money I earned yesterday doing this job is what I’d make on a very good day being on a movie set (with much luck, i.e. if I had the luck to get some role). Actually, I didn’t give up “acting”. I decided that I will appear on a movie set only when the money is decent (at least USD 40–50 per day plus a full lunch; I give this range because the exchange rate varies). After which, if I’ll choose so, I usually will be able to hit the pavement and do the new job for a couple of hours.

My new job? I move Bird scooters. They pay me USD 1 (PLN 4) for each scooter I moved (from a place where it gets no attention to a place where it will have a much better chance of being seen and rented by people). Sometimes the distance is laughable — yesterday I moved one of the scooters maybe 5 meters from where it stood. Took me 10–20 seconds to have this task completed. Plus, if you collected 20 scooters or more in one day they pay you a bonus (PLN 70, which is USD 18). And you can have unlimited bonuses. Yesterday I collected 37 scooters, doing it only for 6 hours. People will know how to do the maths.

Sometimes the distance is ridiculous (I mean very long) and if one wants to do this job efficiently one should avoid taking up such tasks. You are under no obligation to take a scooter which has to be moved a long distance from where it stands to the nest (the places to which the scooters need to be moved are called ‘nests’). Luckily you can always check beforehand if the distance will be long or not.

Reading (since my last diary entry):

Voices From Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Svetlana Alexievich (15 min, on Internet Archive).

Music for this writing session: Frédéric Chopin (on spotify)