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Diary of an artist, Saturday, September 14, 2019

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Woke up 4:30 am.

I believe my new day job isn’t any dumber (sillier) than the one I had the previous year. I mean, as a movie extra (and that’s what I did mainly) you really don’t do anything which a dumb person wouldn’t do. It can take a dumb person (a dumb movie extra) longer to do what’s expected of him or her on a movie set, but eventually this person will also be able to do it.

So it is with moving scooters around the city. Any person can do it, but a smarter person will do it faster, more efficiently, will earn more, and will end up having more time for him- or herself (time in which he or she will be able to create for example — as it is in my case).

I don’t have any ambition to have a prestigious day job. Moving scooters around the city for money certainly isn’t a job / occupation which most people would call prestigious or ambitious.

Does it matter that they wouldn’t view it as or call it ambitious? I don’t view it as ambitious either. So what? Should I consider it below me because I have a college degree (from a law school)? Should I, because of this degree and my middle class background, deny myself the right to be a free person and do whatever I please? Should I, because of this degree and my middle class background, miss out on a great chance to make a living and be in control of when I work and how much I make?

Because certain people would shake their heads with disbelief at the sight of a man in his 40s, with a law school diploma and a little bit more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, moving scooters?

Fuck you!

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