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Diary of an artist, Friday, September 20, 2019

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Woke up 4:45 am.

I have this feeling that my body already adjusted, to a large degree, to my new daily routine. After two weeks. I no longer have cramps (muscle contractions) at night. Feel OK after the whole day of work. No aches.

On a very bad day I can do 15–20 scooters. I mean move them from point A (where they can be found) to point B (which is the nest — a place where they wait in line to be rented). On a regular day 25–35. On a good day 35–45. 50 is doable on a good day but will tire me way more. I’m still talking about 7–8 hours maximum. Usually 3,5 in the morning and then, after 4 hours of break (in a Starbucks store), 3,5 in the afternoon. So the numbers could be even more impressive if I chose to shorten the break to 2 hours (or 1,5).

Yesterday I figured out that I could do it also with a regular, non-electric, bike (move the scooters). I am already so skilled at riding a bike and a scooter at the same time that even pedalling would not bother me much. I also figured out that I can use the engine of a scooter to move me on my bike and the scooter. Don’t know why but it works only in some scooters. I guess it could have something to do with the fact that only my one leg rests on the scooter’s platform and there is not enough weight (and in some scooters the engine will not start unless there is enough weight). That’s my theory.

Actually I needed to test those new ways of moving scooters because I had some technical problems with the engine in my bike yesterday. For the very first time there was such problem. The engine didn’t work properly and the bike didn’t move steadily and smoothly but it worked unsteadily and you get the feeling that the bike is choking or something. Checked it on the Internet already. Will have to have the cables inspected. That I will need to do regular and maybe also quite frequent inspections of the bike was obvious to me almost from the beginning. It’s inevitable if you use it daily to such an extent.

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