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Diary of an artist, Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Woke up 4:45 am.

Did 50 scooters yesterday. Bird made a special offer yesterday (they sent a message that they will pay USD 0,76 extra for each scooter captured and released by today 7 am and it was almost twice as much as they normally would pay per scooter captured and released. So I was extra motivated to do 50, get the bigger daily bonus (USD 51) and make USD 1,8 per scooter. It is an insane amount of money for me for one day of menial work.

It is a menial job, but, as in any job, the person with better systems will do the same amount in less time, so he or she will end up having done more in a day (if it matters in terms of bonuses it makes a real difference) or this person can have more time for himself or herself.

There is a better and worse method in everything, so being intelligent, being able to figure out quickly how to do the same amount of tasks in less time matters even if your job isn’t ambitious or prestigious.

I have been thinking about menial jobs yesterday and today. People who have college education usually don’t even consider doing some menial job (they’d rather wait until their is something in “their field”). So they almost never really know what it is like to work physically. Sometimes they will clean their houses or pack and unpack and rearrange all their belongings after they moved to a new house and they will get the taste of hard physical work but that’s usually the whole scope of their experience. After all they didn’t finish college for nothing. They want white-collar jobs.

I’m glad I’m getting this chance to experience what doing a blue-collar job feels like.

Anyway, the interesting observation is that many (and nowadays more than ever) of those college kids (adult people who graduated from colleges and only want white-collar jobs) secretly, or quite openly, dream about flipping burgers in their fancy foodtruck, or being an owner of a small estate (bed and breakfast) in the countryside and doing everything themselves (for example milking the cow, fetching fresh eggs, and then making an omelette and coffee for their guests in the morning and serving it), or standing behind the counter all day and serving clients in their fancy small café, or getting supplies for their small shop, or handcrafting some eco-friendly, antiallergic, or vegan shit.

But the same people would never even consider taking up a physical (menial) work if it wasn’t branded as their own. If it wasn’t some new cool brand about which they could brag on Instagram or Facebook and on parties or business lunches. Until they think of it as the new cool thing in town (a new fancy brand on the city map, which they own) taking up some physical work wouldn’t even cross their minds. Until they have their new cool brand (something they can show to their friends) they will still think less of people who don’t have college education and deliver sushi or pizza or move scooters around the city, and who sooner or later will warn their children that if they will not study well and go to college they will end up like all those people who work so hard physically day in day out.

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