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Diary of an artist, Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.

Woke up 6:05 am.

Very tired recently. I have this new day job and I need time to adjust to my new daily routine and rhythm. I also need some time, as is usually the case when you start something new, to find the best, most efficient way of doing this job.
Also my body (the muscles and everything) needs to adjust because this job is unlike everything I’ve been doing in the last year. In the last year I was mainly a movie extra, had some small roles in commercials, and also some bigger ones in crappy TV paradocumentaries or low-budget commercials or marketing campaigns.

Plus, in the last few days I still needed to take care of some paperwork which had to do with the formal side of my new activity. Thus I had less time for actual work.

I’m tasting it while I’m testing various options. I still need to find out about certain details of the financial side of it. Still a very early stage of this project.

Had some ideas how I could make art while doing this new job. Will ponder them a little bit (think it through a little bit more, try to figure out how I could do it) before I’ll start making it. Pondering things for a long time usually leads to inaction so I promised myself that I’ll not take long.

YouTube videos and movies (since my last diary entry):

The Crown S.1 E.1 Wolferton Splash (on Netflix) Finished it.

Music for this writing session: Frédéric Chopin (on spotify)