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Diary of an artist, Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Woke up 4:45 am.

Yesterday I moved 51 scooters. That’s my record. Could do 70 or even 80 in one day if I wanted I guess. More would exhaust me to the point I wouldn’t be able to get up from bed the next day I guess. Only my guess. Will not test it. Don’t want to. At least not now. Maybe I will, one day — to test my assumptions. To see if, say, 100 is doable in one day for one person.

Being a movie extra usually I would need to work 6 days just to be able to make the same kind of money I can make moving scooters around the city in just two days. And if I’d move 70 or 80 scooters in one day I’d make this kind of money in just one day.

I really don’t get unemployment. Especially the chronic one. I know that it’s the mindset that makes a person chronically unemployed.
First, when you’re unemployed for, say, several months you start to believe that getting any job is simply impossible. That nobody would want you. The same happens when you could get a job, but for various reasons (not necessarily your fault) you couldn’t keep that job for longer than several weeks. In that case the constant search for a new job, because you couldn’t keep the previous one, will more or less do the same to your head as being unemployed for a long stretch of time.
Second, when you had a certain job (you trained for it, or you went to college or school to get a diploma which enabled you to enter that profession, or you spent years doing this one thing and that’s everything you can do) then you believe that you should get this particular job. So you can become unemployed (and then chronically unemployed) when your conviction is that you should work in what you call “your field”. In such case you overlook hundreds of thousands of occupations (things to do) which are within your reach (you’re not too dumb to do it). Why? Because you have this idiotic conviction that you should do only a certain thing in your life.

So maybe I actually get it (the chronic unemployment). I know what leads to it. Bullshit beliefs in one’s head lead to it.

It’s not that there is nothing you can do when you don’t have a certain career, and when you can’t make money being this or that (something you picked as a young adult because certain adults recommended it to you). It’s that you have some bullshit in terms of your beliefs in your head. Bullshit which pollutes people’s heads because certain dumb clichés circulate in the society. That for example the unemployment is high (by why is it high?). That certain professions suffer from recession (so what? people could do other things). That people without college education are doomed. That those who slept through their high school and 20s are doomed, etc. Those kinds of bullshit clichés.

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