People’s opinions don’t turn you into anything. It’s what you do that does it.
How do we know what’s right or wrong?

People like to think that their opinions matter a great deal

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People like to think that their opinions matter a great deal.
They see a piece of art and they believe they can judge it, ie. conclude whether or not it is worth something.

They could judge it only for themselves, but no. Why? What would be the point? They want to pass a definitive judgment.

If they don’t get it, who in their right mind would get it?
If they don’t see beauty in it, they conclude that only someone with a screwed up notion of beauty could see beauty in it.
They can’t stomach it, so it has to be indigestible.
They’re disgusted — it’s disgusting.
They consider a dish not too spicy, they’ll say the dish is not too spicy. They won’t add that it’s not too spicy for them. Why? What for? What would be the point? It’s always better to impose your perspective (the way you perceive the reality) on others.

Very few would ever ponder what they communicate to people with their words, if it actually makes sense, if they’re not imposing certain views or feelings on others and expect others to see or feel the same. In other words, if they’re not being entitled and dictatorial.