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Diary of an artist, Tuesday, December 10, 2019

#633 (countdown)

Copy of Copy of Copy of Adulthood smooth& tasty.-3

Woke up 3:30 am

I’m going to dedicate more time to the platform where I have best results, meaning to Quora. From now on I will no longer repost my blog posts on Instagram. This way I will have a little bit extra time which I will be able to spend on Quora. Maybe thanks to it I will be able to write one more answer per day, which means that in a year there will be 365 more my answers there.

On Instagram I will post only my photos. Three or four per day. Maybe I will also add some text. Don’t know exactly what. Will have to figure it out.

For the time being I will change nothing in the way I approach posting on Medium. I have this feeling that I don’t get this platform, just like I don’t get Instagram’s algorithms.

On Quora there are also things I haven’t figured out yet, and which I don’t get. For example I have no freaking idea how people become Top Writers on Quora. It’s a complete mystery to me. I don’t understand the rules and the algorithm which stand behind this program. Sometimes I see people who joined the platform not long ago, have only couple dozen answers and followers, their content doesn’t have many views (several thousand at best) and they’re ranked among Top Writers of a given year. To be honest there are many things Quora as a platform did (many decisions) which are completely puzzling to me. Like all things they also evolve and sometimes they backed off from a previously chosen course, but sometimes they didn’t. One thing is clear. They themselves not always know what they’re doing and it’s one experiment after the next most of the time. And that’s understandable if one doesn’t want to be a copycat, or when there isn’t anything you could copy.

Audiobooks I’m currently listening to:

A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary by anonymous (on Scribd) Finished it

Forty Autumns: A Family’s Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall by Nina Willner (on Scribd)

Books I’m currently reading:

End of a Berlin Diary By William L. Shirer (on Scribd)

Where I Was From By Joan Didion (on Scribd) Abandoned it — too much on things I have no connection to. Will definitely grab another book by Joan Didion because I know how how great of a writer she is.

Never Can Say Goodbye: Writers on Their Unshakable Love for New York (on Scribd)

YouTube videos and movies (since my last diary entry):

The Terror S1, Ep5 First Shot a Winner, Lads (on Amazon Prime)

The Terror S1, Ep6 A Mercy (on Amazon Prime)

The Terror S1, Ep7 Horrible from Supper (on Amazon Prime)

The Terror S1, Ep8 Terror Camp Clear (on Amazon Prime)

The Terror S1, Ep9 The C, the C, the Open C (on Amazon Prime)

The Terror S1, Ep10 We Are Gone (on Amazon Prime) — Absolutely fantastic series! One that you just can’t stop watching.

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What You Really Fear Is Not Failure | DailyVee 597

Music for this writing session: Piano Sonata №14 In C Sharp Minor, Op.27 №2 -”Moonlight”: 1. Adagio sostenuto Radio (on spotify)