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Diary of an artist, Monday, January 13, 2020

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Woke up 6:10 am

The idea that only a particular human being was able to produce a certain work, and that people who didn’t read or see a particular work, are definitely at a disadvantage compared to those who read or saw this work (because they received a proper education, and are cultured people) is what makes me laugh the most probably.

This idea that we absolutely need to know certain authors or artists is so stupid. That not knowing a certain human being and his or her work automatically (to the majority of people) is a sign of your ignorance and incompetence as a human being. But that’s how it is in this world. People have this conviction (because they had been brainwashed) that there is a list of names and titles, knowing of which is mandatory, or else those who had been brainwashed in schools will look down on you and wonder how someone like you even exists. It’s unthinkable to them that someone might not know the names and titles which are on that list (how someone can be such an ignorant).

If you think about it, their astonishment tells us an interesting thing about them (about the majority of people in the society). Their astonishment shows us that to the majority of people not being like the majority (not believing what the majority believes) is unthinkable. They let the society brainwash them (they let the society impose certain norms, beliefs, outlook and attitudes on them) and now they treat a behavior which doesn’t match it as unacceptable. Or, to put it another way, they find the behavior, beliefs, outlook and attitudes which were imposed on them by the society as the right stuff (as a standard for all people).

Books I’m currently reading:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (on iBooks)

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