Fuck! It’s still keeping up with the Joneses.
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This messes with many people’s brains

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This constant demand to make more money to be able to afford more, to be viewed by others as a successful person (driving a better car, owning a nice house, being able to send your kids to private schools and buy them designer clothes, because without them their status among their peers will suffer) is messing with many people’s brains. It can start messing with my brain if I’ll let it.

This lack of the ability to stop and ponder it. Most people never pondered it even for one second. They took it for granted that this is a game they have to play. Almost everybody (the majority of people they know) is playing this game, so who in his or her right mind will question it. Besides nobody even has the time to ponder it. They are busy chasing the middle class life and dreaming about one day becoming rich people and not needing to chase or worry about maintaining the middle class life. Dreaming about finding a way to make a fortune quickly, instead of spending their entire lives on making it.

That’s why most people love so called practical career choices. A practical career choice is a choice which gives you the opportunity to start a certain career and remain in this career as long as possible (ideally until retirement) and slowly but surely build your capital (assets). Whether you like what you do day in and day out doesn’t matter according to this philosophy because what really matters is whether or not the career which you picked will allow you to live a certain kind of life (middle or upper middle class life, depending on the circumstances of each individual case).

Changing the once chosen career (career path), especially later than in your mid 20s is viewed as undesirable and even unreasonable by those people, because it involves the risk of losing your current status (and ruining your chance of an upgrade), plus it’s viewed as unrealistic by them, because your new career, in order to meet the requirement of practicality, would also require returning to college and studying something for several years. Thus the only reasonable career changes are the ones which allow you to build on the college diploma you already have.

This is the kind of success most people are after. Their main concern in life is whether they will be able to afford the middle class life (have a life which is an aspiration of almost all middle class people — the game they play is all about maintaining the current status, which is something their parents care about immensely and expect from them, and a dream of those who started as a lower class — a progression upward in rank).