My definition of success

[ 1 min read ] To me success means: Avoiding being brainwashed by the majority Avoiding mindlessly following the flock Avoiding mindlessly mimicking others Avoiding mindlessly repeating dumb clichés about life, career, love, relationships, education, parenting, etc. Avoiding being intimidated into compliance by my family Avoiding being discouraged by what... Read more →

My style

[ 1 min read ] Several people told me that my answers on Quora aren’t nice. If only I changed the way I write them / was more polite, they said. Some of them even called me names because of that. They said I’m an asshole. They felt an urgent... Read more →

A lifestyle is most effective when it comes to enslaving people

[ 2 min read ] Yesterday I wrote about frugality and how important it is when you are transitioning from the career you picked in your late teenage years / early 20s (because it was important and necessary to pick something “practical” or prestigious — because your entire family, particularly your parents,... Read more →