You can’t choose the right career. You can only move towards the right career for you.

[ 2 min read ] Most young adults, after having received career advice from well-meaning adults, want to figure out their future career in their late teenage years or early 20s. In other words, they try to find the answer to that question they’d been asked so many times, which... Read more →

In the game of appearances, yes they all win, and I’m crazy. But when you consider what’s really going on…

[ 3 min read ] Stop caring (and being occupied with) what all your friends, colleagues, peers, neighbors or family members do in their lives. You never know the whole truth about them and their successes. Sometimes they’re “successes” — they only appear to be successes on the surface, but underneath things... Read more →

Waiting, doing nothing, hoping that, perhaps, one day a sense of direction will magically reveal itself to you is a bad idea.

[ 2 min read ] Young people shouldn’t count on a sense of direction magically revealing itself to them. I think they should start doing anything, even if nobody pays them for it. If they moved back in with their parents, all the more so — they have a roof over their... Read more →

Unless you are a prophet, finding something you’ll want to do for the rest of your life is an undoable feat.

[ 1 min read ] One needs to be a prophet to figure out something like that. Can we really know if the thing we’ll pick (at 18, as we’re supposed to pick something at this age, or at any other age) will be the thing we will want to... Read more →

The “defining time” nonsense has been around a long time. And it still gets passed down.

[ 2 min read ] If you questioned and then rejected this bullshit (although very common!) idea that there is this so called “defining time” in your life — a stage in your life which is most important, as it determines your future success, you are already successful human being. That’s what... Read more →

How to deal with parents who want you to have a certain career and you want something else

[ 2 min read ] You tell them that you don’t want any money or help from them (now or after their death) and you pick the thing that you want. They’ve just lost their major argument (source of power) — their financial involvement. As long as they invest money, or think... Read more →