In the game of appearances, yes they all win, and I’m crazy. But when you consider what’s really going on…

[ 3 min read ] Stop caring (and being occupied with) what all your friends, colleagues, peers, neighbors or family members do in their lives. You never know the whole truth about them and their successes. Sometimes they’re “successes” — they only appear to be successes on the surface, but underneath things... Read more →

Waiting, doing nothing, hoping that, perhaps, one day a sense of direction will magically reveal itself to you is a bad idea.

[ 2 min read ] Young people shouldn’t count on a sense of direction magically revealing itself to them. I think they should start doing anything, even if nobody pays them for it. If they moved back in with their parents, all the more so — they have a roof over their... Read more →

I’m not shocked

[ 4 min read ] Yesterday my mom asked me to help her find the documentary about Polish priests who sexually abused children. The hottest topic in Poland nowadays. The documentary was released ten days ago and it already has more than 20 million views on YouTube (in a country... Read more →

I have no problem being or sounding self-congratulatory. The alternative (waiting for others to congratulate you) is much worse.

[ 3 min read ] I have noticed that some people (probably even majority — still the majority) don’t like it that people in this new era (of social media, mainly) don’t like it when others are, or sound, self-congratulatory. Obviously, the reason they don’t like it is that they had soaked... Read more →