My message to one Parker (whose parents think they’re Batmans and he is Gotham and needs to be saved).

[ 4 min read ] A guy named Parker wanted to know how he can gain support from his parents for, as he put it, wanting to pursue a career in secondary education, when they only care that he has a “respectable” and “rewarding” job (i.e. lots of money). I... Read more →

Ever thought your life would have been better had you been childless? You need to read this!

[ 3 min read ] Parents who regret having children make the same dumb mistake which most people in the world make. They believe that in this alternative reality (without their child/ children) their lives would have been better. That their lives could have been only better. Never worse! They... Read more →

Avoid this and you will win. The #1 reason most people think that life sucks.

[ 3 min read ] Most people accept the “reality” (which in fact is a myth they’ve been sold by the older generation) that in their day-to-day people aren’t joyful and happy. That they can’t be. That people’s day-to-day is always this grey, uninteresting, unexciting, excruciating, exhausting, rather gloomy, f*cked-up... Read more →