Being ready (mentally) for the next terrible thing (for the next terrible news), and assuming that shit can happen to us anytime is the best way to cope.

[ 2 min read ] So what’s the best way to live in this world? Should we, as many believe and preach in their lofty speeches, hope that something which wasn’t possible in the tens of thousands of years our species (the modern homo sapiens) were on this planet, will... Read more →

There will be no paradise

[ 2 min read ] Those lunatics (I’ve been writing recently about them) they don’t want to acknowledge that we (human beings) are not as good as we like to portray ourselves in our inspirational, uplifting speeches about us and in tear-jerkering stories about us we tell ourselves over and... Read more →

This message will not be universally liked because it contradicts the most common belief about us (and shows us that the hope many have is actually pure lunacy)

[ 2 min read ] It’s hard to have a positive outlook on the current state of humanity (world) when one knows that we are not living up to a certain ideal, certain dreamed-up vision of our species. On the one hand you see all the things that should never... Read more →

Accept the universe and our species for what they are. Thinking that fixing any of the two is within our reach is pure lunacy. Because within our reach it is not.

[ 2 min read ] We will never realize this beautiful vision of the world coming together and our species being the species driven entirely by such nice things as goodness, love, kindness, empathy. Words which would be completely empty without such bad things as evil, anger, hatred, revenge, etc.... Read more →

Frequent utterance of platitudes and sharing of inspirational quotes and certain sentiments will not magically change who we are

[ 2 min read ] The sooner we’ll come to terms with it, the sooner we’ll stop being so disappointed with us as a species. We live in an era where many human beings (especially educated, middle class people, and our leaders) believe that it is possible to change who... Read more →

So called free people

[ 3 min read ] If you were free you would change your career whenever you wanted (you wouldn’t give a damn what others think or expect from you) you would have your own definitions (you wouldn’t be bound by the conventional understanding of most things) you would pick /... Read more →

Bitching about the society, the way it works, is like bitching about water being wet or your lawn being green.

[ 2 min read ] Saying that the society is wrong is like saying that the lawn is wrong about being green. When it gets enough water it is green. It just is. Many writers, artists and thinkers (Charles Dickens, I discovered recently) complained about the society. Dickens thought there... Read more →

People will say and do things they shouldn’t have said or done. The society will continue to be the way it shouldn’t be. Part 3

[ 2 min read ] Recently our son’s coach said something to him which wasn’t well thought out (was neither fair, nor prudent). It wasn’t anything indecent though. Of course, as parents we didn’t like that, and we knew that what the man said affected our son. The thing is... Read more →

People will say and do things they shouldn’t have said or done. The society will continue to be the way it shouldn’t be. Part 1

[ 4 min read ] I’m of the opinion that people who believe that certain things shouldn’t happen are among the most frustrated, bitter, angry, unhappy people among us. Unfortunately we have many of them. I guess the majority is like that. They are usually (or 100 percent of the... Read more →