On being an ignoramus. Part 7 (One crazy artist’s take on reading books in the 21st century)

[ 2 min read ] I once believed that reading books is better than watching movies, YouTube videos, documentaries, listening to podcasts, and reading blogs, or Quora. That it’s the ultimate way of accumulating knowledge and gaining wisdom. I think I believed so because that’s what most educated people believe... Read more →

On being an ignoramus. Part 2

[ 2 min read ] Certain people will humiliate other people if they don’t know certain names. The great (universally revered) writers, philosophers, politicians, psychologists, etc. Or they will feel sorry for them — think how much worse off these people are, and how much better off they would be... Read more →

Alternative scenarios and extreme mishaps. Just because something’s rare doesn’t mean it couldn't happen to you.

[ 4 min read ] I noticed one more interesting thing while talking with my mother last week. She wasn’t willing to even ponder the possibility that something bad or even fatal could have happened in my life in an alternative reality (in an alternative scenario). Like for example that... Read more →

If you’re a “weirdo” (if you do things differently) expect that people will think it’s weird. It makes no sense to try to change the way most of us think.

[ 4 min read ] Most people, when they see that you don’t think like the majority of people around you, will tell you that you can’t do things the way you’re doing them. They’ll ask you about your business or how you’re doing and, if they can’t see your... Read more →