Old people’s shit

[ 3 min read ] It’s hard to find adult and old people who never told their children or grandchildren things like “When you’ll reach my age you’ll understand how right I was”, or “One day, when I’m gone, you’ll remember these words”. Of course, what they mean by that... Read more →

The nature of regret

[ 4 min read ] Regret is the second-most common emotion people mention in daily life, some studies show. And it’s the most common negative emotion. Regret is not just some harmless, meaningless fantasy which doesn’t affect us (as opposed to a wish — a wish already means you’d prefer it). It’s... Read more →

Fixing the past

[ 2 min read ] It’s fascinating to me how people don’t realize that the past can’t be fixed by simply swapping certain pieces of this jigsaw puzzle that it is. They really believe they can guess what would have happened if some event didn’t occur or if instead of... Read more →

On screwups

[ 1 min read ] Maybe it is impossible not to screw up? I guess it is. Hence, is a screwup really a screwup? Maybe, if we can’t avoid screwups, calling them screwups is a mistake. Assuming that you’ll avoid screwups is pure lunacy. The more you’re convinced that you... Read more →

Pure entitlement

[ 2 min read ] Isn’t it weird that we all are capable of screwing up, and sooner or later we screw up (one way or another), and nonetheless we all want to tell / teach others how they should live their lives? Or, at the very least, we feel... Read more →