How to deal with parents who want you to have a certain career and you want something else

[ 2 min read ] You tell them that you don’t want any money or help from them (now or after their death) and you pick the thing that you want. They’ve just lost their major argument (source of power) — their financial involvement. As long as they invest money, or think... Read more →

My message to one Parker (whose parents think they’re Batmans and he is Gotham and needs to be saved).

[ 4 min read ] A guy named Parker wanted to know how he can gain support from his parents for, as he put it, wanting to pursue a career in secondary education, when they only care that he has a “respectable” and “rewarding” job (i.e. lots of money). I... Read more →

A lifestyle is most effective when it comes to enslaving people

[ 2 min read ] Yesterday I wrote about frugality and how important it is when you are transitioning from the career you picked in your late teenage years / early 20s (because it was important and necessary to pick something “practical” or prestigious — because your entire family, particularly your parents,... Read more →

Special awareness (we all would hugely benefit from it, especially young adults who are being told that they shouldn’t upset adults)

[ 2 min read ] We assume that other people (our parents, children, spouses, other family members) won’t be able to handle “bad” news (oftentimes it is not bad news, it’s just unsettling news — one which poses a threat to the current “reality” / status quo) and we want to shield... Read more →